Course Breakdown

Hole #1

A short par 3 downhill into the trees. Playing to the back of the green is key as any shot short leaves a tricky up and down. Watch out for the hill on the right which can take the ball into the forest.

Hole #2

The longest hole on the golf course at 330 yards, laying up at this par 4 will provide you with a 125-150 yard approach to the green. You will want to avoid the trees on the right from the tee. When approaching the green, aim right of the hole and let the ball come down the slope.

Hole #3

A simple yet difficult par 3. The small, elevated green can be tricky to get on to, and so playing your tee shot longer will provide safer results as hitting it short leaves a tricky up and down. Make sure to avoid the thick forest on the right.

Hole #4

A massive dog-leg left, this difficult par 4 is made tricky by the tree in the middle of the fairway. For the best results, play your tee shot 15 yards past the stake to avoid the tree, though you will have to hit over the pond. Playing short of the tree leaves you having to hit underneath the tree to around 100 yards.

Hole #5

This short par 4 is your best chance at making birdie on the course. For those who can reach, aiming just left of the hidden green and fading/drawing the ball towards the green should get you close enough to go up and down. Missing too far right can be dangerous, and so the safe play is to aim left.

Hole #6

Another short par 4, this hole is made tricky by the cluster of trees in the left side of the fairway, as well as the overhanging tree which blocks the left side of the green. For a good opportunity to score well, aim right off the tee, which will take those hazards out of play.

Hole #7

The longest par 3 on the course, this hole plays longer than the yardage suggests. As well, the green slopes drastically from back to front, making it difficult to hold the green or make putts. For best results, find a way to place your ball on the front of the green which will give you a chance of making an uphill putt.

Hole #8

A narrow par 4, this hole slopes from right to left. If you are going for the green, aim to the right side as the hill will take the ball left. Any approach shot needs to be kept right of the pin as well. What makes this hole difficult is that even though you have to aim right, there is a thick forest along the right side of the fairway, so good luck!

Hole #9

The last hole, this par 4 may look easy, but do not be deceived by appearances. The fairway is wide open, but the green slopes heavily from left to right, and holding the green can be a nightmare. An up-and-down save for par will most likely be needed.

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2022 Green Fees

9 Holes

Under 10 – Pay their Age
Junior (11 – 16) – $21
Senior (60+) – $23
Adult (17 – 59) – $29

Under 10 – Pay their Age
Junior (11-16) – $23
Senior (60+) – $25
Adult (17-59) – $31

18 Holes

Under 10 – Pay their Age
Junior (11 – 16) – $33
Senior (60+) – $36
Adult (17 – 59) – $41

Under 10 – Pay their Age
Junior (11 – 16) – $35
Senior (60+) – $44
Adult (17 – 59) – $45

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Full Power Cart – $20
Pull Cart – $5

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Pull Cart – $8

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